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Season 1, Episode 35

How to Ask Like an Auctioneer with Dia Bondi

About this episode:

Are you asking for what you really want? Or are you asking for what you think you can get?

Learn how to stop limiting yourself and start going after what you truly want. Dia Bondi, coach, catalyst, and creator of Ask Like an Auctioneer, is on the show today to give exclusive tips about how you can jumpstart your dreams by asking for what you actually want.  

You can create the life you want and stop settling for less. Often the only true limits are the ones we place on ourselves. Discover your own negotiating superpowers, awaken your own audacity, and learn how to get what you want. 


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Are you settling for less by asking for what you think you can get instead of what you truly want?

Embrace the strategies used by auctioneers to unlock the hidden ‘yes’ you never thought you could ask for.

Break free from leaving options on the table and start aiming higher. Learn how high leverage points can transform your outcomes, why aiming for a “no” can lead to greater success, and how to find the courage to make audacious asks.

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Explore the three distinct forms of power that are available to you Above the Line when you are being a Conscious Leader in this episode of Allowed.

The 3 aspects of the Empowerment Triangle are the Coach, the Challenger, and the Creator, and up there in that state of flow, anything is possible. 

Meet the Guest

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Dia Bondi is a coach, catalyst, and creator of Ask LIke an Auctioneer. 

For the last 20 years, some of the highest-profile, most extraordinary world leaders, CEOs, philanthropists, visionaries, and innovators have considered Dia their secret weapon. Over thousands of coaching sessions, she’s been in their corner, behind the curtain, helping them tap into their power and move their businesses forward.

Dia helped Rio de Janeiro secure the 2016 Summer Olympics. She’s worked with Intel, Mozilla, Unilever, Nabisco, P&G, and Progressive Insurance. She’s coached changemakers at the Clinton Global Initiative and the Commonwealth Games Federation. Dia is direct, magnetic, fierce, and insatiably curious. She will always bypass small talk in favor of deep connection.

Dia’s clients are leaders, executives, and influential figures facing a pivotal communications opportunity. In the past they’ve been asked to talk about what they do; now they’re being asked about their vision for the future. Her bespoke coaching prepares them to step on stage in a way they’ve never done before.

In addition to mentoring international leaders, Dia has also taken up the mic as an auctioneer, helping women-led nonprofits raise the money they need to tackle important issues. Her #asklikeanauctioneer program is focused on helping women ask for more in their financial compensation conversations for their services, salaries, and businesses.

Dia may look like a communications coach, but in reality, she’s a catalyst for excellence. She makes high-ranking executives and government officials challenge and share themselves authentically with influential audiences. She shoves people out of their comfort zones, shows them their untapped power, and activates it. She is unapologetically intense and unflinchingly compassionate.

Since her clients are highly visible and unquestionably powerful, Dia is discreet and respectful. Her work succeeds when she’s inspired extraordinary people to live up to their potential. She shines brightest when no one knows she’s been there.

Now Dia is stepping forward to show you how to trust yourself and be compelling when it’s your turn to talk and it matters most (hint: that’s every time). Because if you wait until you realize you need her, it’s already too late.


4:12 – Dia talks about how she noticed the problematic way women were asking for things after she began auctioneering.

7:02 – Dia explains what a high leverage point is and the 3 reasons why understanding these creates a big impact.

9:31 – Dia tells us about why she went to auctioneering school in the first place and how teaching women how to ask like an auctioneer is transforming how women are able to do business and succeed.

17:54 – Dia discusses how most people frame asks in a way that tries to guarantee a yes but they should be asking for the no. This leaves room for negotiating and you end up getting more than what you might have thought you could have gotten with an immediate yes ask.

20:01 – Dia tells us how to find the courage to go for the no by using mental models used in auctioneering.

24:23 – Dia gives insight on one of the tools she teaches people to hone their asking skills.

29:40 – Dia tells a story of a big life-changing ask that she made in her life.

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