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Season 3, Episode 10

The Change Formula: Allowed Essentials Minisode

About this episode:

Are there areas in your life where you’ve wanted to make a change, but it seems like something is holding you back? Do you take the initial first steps to change but end up back where you’ve always been?

In this minisode, Dr. Caneel Joyce explores why change can be challenging and shares insights on overcoming those roadblocks. Welcome to a crash-course introduction to the Change Formula, a powerful tool for creating lasting change in your life.

Explore why change can be challenging, even when you desire it deeply, and learn how to harness the power of the three components of the Change Formula: vision, discomfort, and support. Join Caneel as she discusses the importance of having a clear, strong, and compelling vision, and how discomfort can actually be a catalyst for change.

Get ready to unleash your willingness to transform as this enlightening minisode offers practical steps and insights to help you amplify your willingness to create the meaningful changes in your life you truly want to make.

Full-length Allowed episodes about the Change Formula include How to Get Creative About Change  and The Change Formula – Why Self-Help Books Aren’t Working for You


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Climbing a mountain and making life changes share a common principle: willingness. Your compelling vision fuels your journey, while discomfort propels you forward. Seek support and take baby steps, one at a time. Sustainable change is possible when you embrace your willingness, face discomfort head-on, and find the support you need. Trust your instincts and commit to the transformation process.

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Want to hear more about the change formula?

The Change Formula is a groundbreaking method guiding you to create sustainable, lasting change. You have free will, and taking 100% responsibility for how you show up is key to this process. Resistance to change is real, but with the foundational knowledge of the Change Formula, it is possible to overcome obstacles holding you back.


00:02:13 The change formula is vision times discomfort plus support equals willingness to change

00:02:41 Vision is an imagined, clear, and compelling future

00:04:56 Dream bigger and better to make it the best vision possible

00:06:00 Increase self awareness, ask for feedback. Measure fulfillment, joy, and love daily.

00:06:50 Gather some data to see how you’re really operating. Use discomfort as motivation.

00:08:02 Support helps facilitate change

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Executive Coach Dr. Caneel Joyce reveals a life-changing framework that can help you overcome self-doubt, uncover your hidden talents, and radiate with confidence, one small step at a time.