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Season 3, Episode 9

The Empowerment Triangle: Allowed Essentials Minisode

About this episode:

Let’s jump into the world of empowerment and uncover the keys to creating the life you desire. 

In this Allowed Essentials minisode, you will learn about the powerful concept of the Empowerment Triangle. Join Caneel as she explains the three essential roles within this triangle: the Creator, the Coach, and the Challenger.  Discover how the different roles on the Empowerment Triangle intertwine to cultivate your personal power. 

Emphasizing the importance of taking responsibility, Caneel explores how your choices, beliefs, and actions shape your life. Radical responsibility, embracing curiosity, and focusing your attention on all that you can control can lead to profound creativity, growth, and transformation.

Raise your awareness of the patterns that no longer serve you and choose the path of the Creator, Coach, and Challenger to create the life you want to live. By embracing the roles of the Empowerment Triangle, you can tap into your true potential and be the powerful leader you were born to be. 


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Discover the Empowerment Triangle as the antidote to drama in leadership. Learn how to shift from powerlessness to empowerment through the roles of Creator, Challenger, and Coach. Uncover the secrets to conscious decision-making and self-awareness for a life filled with possibilities.

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Want to hear about the drama triangle?

Learn how to limit your time spent in drama by recognizing drama in its three main forms, the cost of drama, and how to recognize the warning signs of drama. This episode explains what the Drama Triangle model is and its different aspects. By the end of this coaching session, you will be able to Identify what each Drama Triangle archetype represents and the way they impact your behavior and leadership. Discover how the Victim, Villain, and Hero manifest in your life and how to recognize the limiting stories you’ve been telling yourself.  Gain the tools to combat Below the Line stories and shift Above the Line when you find yourself in drama.


[00:00:05] You are allowed to be powerful in any situation

[00:00:35] The creator claims all of their personal power to create the outcomes that they most deeply desire

00:00:48 Taking responsibility creates personal empowerment.

[00:02:19] Sphere of influence and control

[00:03:48] Change patterns that are no longer serving you 

[00:05:02] A coach can help people identify internal and external resources

[00:07:01] The Coach sees others as creators 

[00:07:49] Power is a place where you can resolve issues permanently, learn, and create the life you want 

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