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How to End Drama – 10 Steps to Shifting You and Your Team out of Drama

Season 1, Episode 37

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My Most Requested Leadership Training

There is a natural increase in team and company drama throughout the year, periods where deadlines, holiday stress, family dynamics, burnout, and miscommunication seem to come to a head. 

It can happen at any time, and there are some tell-tale signs.

Are any of the below present in you, your teammates, or your organization?

  • Blaming others, blaming yourself, blaming the organization
  • Criticizing or judging yourself or others
  • Hustling to fix and solve problems without creating a permanent solution
  • Not taking 100% personal responsibility
  • Gossip
  • Tension

This, my friend, is drama. You are caught in the drama triangle. 

No judgment! 

Drama is completely normal, it is human. 

But drama is also toxic, contagious, and hard to manage. Why? Because we are the source of drama. Drama is about perception, mindset, and our belief system. 

My most requested leadership training is how to end the drama and shift into presence. When you are in presence you are curious, open, and creative. You are able to coach, create, and challenge in productive and powerful ways. 

Presence is the goal. Drama is the barrier. 

The amazing thing about drama is since we are the source, we also are the solution. 

It is up to you as a conscious leader to lead your team out of drama and empower your teams, and yourself.

You can’t simply use a tactic or a tool and expect the drama to go away because the source of the drama is always us. Drama opens up opportunities for you and your team to spark learning and growth. Examining yourself and the role that you play in perceiving, creating, and perpetuating drama in your own life is what gives you the radical responsibility and freedom to create a different reality. ⁠

I’m here to share 10 essential leadership skills to help you guide your team out of the negative cycle of drama. And it starts with you. ⁠

Add these skills to your leadership toolkit and bring it to your team:

  • Slowing down and taking stock 
  • Locating yourself
  • Check your willingness
  • Apply creative curiosity
  • Adopt the Creator role 
  • Learn how to Coach
  • Be a Challenger
  • Speak Unarguably
  • Embody the resolution
  • Accept drama as a part of the human experience

Drama provides an incredible opportunity to lead consciously. Choose to shift out of drama and watch how you and your team improve your collaboration, mindsets, and flow.


About this episode:

Drama is toxic, stifling, and contagious. Teams break down and creativity grinds to a halt when drama is involved. It is up to us, as leaders, to mitigate the drama and empower ourselves and our teams. This can be difficult without the right tools and mindsets to empower your leadership.

In this episode, enjoy the skill-building executive coaching series Caneel gifted a Fortune 500 client after an in-person leadership training session. You will learn 10 essential skills that will guide you in how to shift yourself out of drama – and for you managers of people – how to help your teams learn to end drama as well. 

After this episode, you will have experience with the concepts, mindsets, and practices of this important aspect of conscious leadership, and you will also have free tools and practical applications to bust drama in your professional and personal life.

4:51 – Skill 1: Prepare to Shift Out of Drama

7:43 – Skill 2: Locating Yourself

11:01 – Skill 3: Are You Willing to Shift?

16:50 – Skill 4: Learn How to Get Curious

20:37 – Skill 5: Be the Creator

22:48 – Skill 6: Be the Coach

26:01 – Skill 7: Be the Challenger

30:59 – Skill 8: How to Speak Unarguably

33:45 – Skill 9: Be the Resolution

36:54 – Skill 10: Accept the Drama 

10 Steps to Shift You and Your Team out of Drama – Video Playlist

The Drama Triangle 

The Empowerment Triangle 

The Hero Role in the Drama Triangle 

The Villain Role in the Drama Triangle 

The Victim Role in the Drama Triangle

Skills for Creating Anything You Want

Coaching Yourself and Others

How to Challenge Others

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